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Pictures of the Store

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Barbara blocks the way into her office, a lot goes on in there!
We find Christina amongst the warehouse stock, well sometimes we can't find her in there!
Ryan loves decorating trees and has a flare for it, too!

We have moved into our new 15,000 sq foot location! It was a challenge to decorate, but we are happy it is done and now all holidays can be displayed year-round! Not to mention we now have a connected 11,000 sq foot warehouse that makes our life so much easier!

Welcome to our store! This view is from our street, Deering however, our parking and entrance are in the back!


Come on in! We even have an awning over our entrance, believe us it isn't for the rain.......we wish! Don't let the clouds the day this picture was taken fool you, the awning is for the 115' + days, it helped cut the heat at the front of the store by 10 degrees!!

You are now inside the store! Welcome! Enjoy and browse......which could take hours. The foyer of our store changes for each holiday and it's also whjere you make your purchases!

Main pathway into our store, strolls through our Cody Foster section, Slavic glass ornament tree, vintage Christmas along with a Dresden Star vintage ornament display.

View from the back of our showroom. Our fruit and veggie tree is one of our most popular as are Nicol Sayre's Christmas display figures!

Our Cody Foster vintage Christmas village houses are displayed on a two tiered table with vintage feather tree and ornaments in the middle.
How gorgeous is the silver and gold section.....we combined Dee Foust, Nicol Sayre, Wendy Addison and vintage decor together to make this lovely display.

Our red and white Christmas display and table top figures are always a traditional favorite!

The entrance into our Halloween section is finally what we wanted, complete with gothic gates and a big scary skeleton head all welcome you into the year-round Halloween display! Don't forget to look up and down.......we have decor everywhere!

Once into the Halloween section you will find Vintage decor, tabletop ceramics, lanterns, Dept 56 Halloween village pieces and hanging wall decor.......perfect for anyone's Hallloween collection.

How gorgeous is the Valentine's Day tree?!! Paired with all of the table top decor by Bethany Lowe, Dee Foust, Teena Flanner and KD Vintage.........whew, you have all the makings of a love filled display!

We just had to anchor our Thanksgiving display with a amber toned wall, it beautifully set off the warm tones of the Thanksgiving turkeys, pilgrims and native american indian display figures! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Our Old World Christmas glass ornament tree near our fireplace greets you when you enter the store!


New Vicki Smyers vintage Christmas figures are now pictured...these are just awesome!

Victorian and food ornaments are some of the most popular in our store and online too!

Go through those swinging doors and you will see why we really moved our store! 11,000 sq feet of wonderul open warehouse space!

Picking orders is now so much easier with our organized, alpha-numeric shelving and lots of space down the middle for the 18 wheeler delivery trucks to brings lots of holiday decor into our new warehouse.......rain or heat!

Take this aisle down to our tinsel, feather and full size tree display in our warehouse!

And you are right back to our swinging doors so you can go back into the showroom!

............and for those of you who shop with us online, here is where all your orders are processed and packed! Note the window at the far end of the wall, that way we can see into the showroom!



Patriotic, 2006 ......crepe paper garlands, paper fans and Moonlight & Roses boards all decorate the top of a mirror or mantle perfectly! The garlands are great for the edge of a table too!


Patriotic table top decor, it's uses are endless! We especially love the liberty and pennant garlands, great for all the patriotic holidays!

Silver tinsel trees are the perfect compliment to your Patriotic ornaments, paired with the Dee Foust crown from Bethany Lowe as the base for the tree and your ornament display is done!

Easter, 2006..........Wow, we love this color scheme! What a bright fresh way to decorate for the Spring and Easter too!

This Eastser display is above a mirror, using the Midwest of Cannon Falls Easter garland, Moonlight & Roses boards and Bethany Lowe tissue garland, paired with Cottage Collage party hats just makes you want to hide Easter eggs!

Easter is a fun holiday to display! Take a cabinet and fill it full of eggs, bunnies, chicks and frame it with garlands!

Here is a way to pair your Christmas display pieces, like the Cody Foster glittered blue cottage house and blue Santa ornaments, with Dee Fousts new spring figures and Easter boards by Moonlight & Roses. Get double duty from your collectibles!

.......Get double duty from your collectibles! Here is a way to use the same pieces as above pairing them with more Christmas items to morph to an all Christmas display!

Vintage Christmas feather tree and a Cody Foster batting ornament tree surround come of his village houses and trees.

Christmas tabletop display includes a mini glass ornament tree and our most favorite holly paterned ceramics along with some vintage Santas....a Christmas display comes together.

A collection of Dee Foust, Cody Foster, Nicol Sayre and Bethany Lowe Christmas figures on a table with vintage bell garland combines the best of many of our folk artists.

Combining red and white with the hottest color of the 2005 season: aqua makes for a beautiful color scheme and a Snowy Brite display! The glittered garlands are vintage from Wendy Addison.

Nicol Sayre's Christmas collection shows her charming sense of style and color.

A collection of Debra Schoch, Poliwoggs and Johanna Parker Santas and Snow figures.

The Dee Foust collection for Halloween and Christmas pairs perfectly with vintage Halloween and Nicol Sayre's figures too.

Our in store fireplace my not burn wood but it sure makes a terrific place to display Cody Foster's original creations as well as his vintage house collection.

Nicol Sayre grouped with lace and vintage trees, it doesn't get more vintage Christmas than that!

We just love these patriotic wall pockets, great for a wall or door entry!

Our Victorian/Romance tree is so popular and gorgeous! Very feminine with glass ornaments, fairys and lace.
Willy Baumann is an avid Cowboy fan and collector of Western memorabilia and ornaments! He visited us from Germany in 2005 while attending a rodeo in our area!


O' Say can you see...Flags are everywhere!

We love this cabinet....the way the Moonlight and Roses boards frame the displays and the flag light illuminates the display perfectly.


You too can display flags on a garland over a mirror in your home!


Mini ornaments and Eddie Walker look great on this lime green cabinet.

Our Gold themed tree is a always a favorite, since it goes from Harvest to Christmas.

Folk art and Christmas pillows are a great match, especially next to this red themed tree with Asian accents.

The entrance to our store is always filled with the latest theme tree and color scheme for the holiday!

You don't have to collect one thing to make a grouping impressive! Mix and group your collectibles, anchoring them with Moonlight and Roses vintage boards!~

Sage & Cream is a very popular theme in our store where it can be used everyday and paired with red for the holidays!

SAGE AND CREAM vintage houses and decor is very popular, so much so it made the cover of 3 Christmas magazines in 2004!


Teena Flanner's vintage reproduction Christmas figures are some of the most popular in our store.



Just like it is Christmas all year at is Halloween every day too!

Witches, Pumpkins and Cats have all been benched at Traditions!


Our customers love that we display Halloween pieces the minute we get them in!


Our 6 foot black Halloween tree, decorated by over 2000 Halloween glass ornaments, is flanked by spooky skulls, pumpkins and a cat on a moon!


Our fireplace mantle has always been a place to display some of our favorite Santas.....this year backdropped with a vintage mirror.



This 24" white feather tree is loaded with animal ornaments.




All 7.5 feet of this tree is decorated with new Patriotic ornaments!

How cool is this display! We love the Boardwalk Uncle Sam standing guard over all the really great Patriotic folk art we have collected for 2002.

A personal collection has spread to our store. Circa 1930's Hall t-pots are now collected by many of our customers too!

It's time for us to decorate for Christmas, so the above tree became a larger version of itself! More fashion ladies, desserts and victorian ornaments, combined with purses and chintz, complete this very feminine motif!

Our table is set with chintz and a 3 tier dessert tray. Come sit a while and have tea!

One of our favorite cabinets full of many of our favorite collectibles, from Debbee Thibault, to Teena Flanner and AndyFaye...all folk artists extraordinaire.

We love this new theme! Cottage white, red and peaceful and the ornaments so soft! Many pieces are quilted or handstitched. The coordinating serving pieces are made by Midwest and are a wonderful crisp red and white ceramic.

It's baaaccckkk!
The Wild, Wild West Cowboy theme is here and wonderfully fresh, since we added C-9 clear red lights and bandanas to complete the theme. Don't you just love the "teepee' lights!!

Our store is close to the California coast, so many customers love to decorate with our sea themed ornaments!

Our absolute favorite tree in the store is this 7 foot real goose feather tree, full of vintage and reproduction ornaments, both glass and fabric.

to see our Halloween displays!

How cool is this! A whole bench full of Halloween pumpkin head dolls, witches, cats and pillows!

This is one of the best Thanksgiving's ever! There is so much wonderful decor now available.

Thanksgiving glass ornaments are so fun! Check out the Slavic Treasures is so realistic! And the OWC Indian!

Another view of the Thanksgiving section, aren't the gourd garlands terrific and so real looking!

It is rare to not hear a customer say, when looking at the bird tree...."OH! My grandmother had these kinds of ornaments." We love this spiral tree full of every color imaginable clip on bird styles.

Sure heart ornaments are popular on Valentine's Day, but they are so collected, that we now devote an 8' tree just to these ornaments d'amore!

Everyone loves the smaller, mini glass ornaments! We do too, we have lots of trees decorated with them.

Little nooks and crannies in our store can be full of the most wonderful surprises! Check out this array of Santas, we DO love Santa!

This reproduction silver feather tree, never looked so good. It's decorated with Teena Flanner ornaments!

The Winter Tree is filled with snowflakes, snowmen and pinecones....a perfect tree for the holidays!

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