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Customer Displays & Trees

**We love to post our customers displays on our website! If you have photographs of your displays and would like us to post them on our website just email us your images with your information**

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We have been traveling around to some of our customers houses and taking pictures of their collections. Our internet customers are also sending in pictures of their displays. Take time to look, we sure were inspired and find it amazing how differently everyone decorates!

David Blair & Dan Darwish's Holiday Displays!
This their RADKO arch, could it be any more beautiful!
David & Dan decorate this tree as the 'main tree' in their home, just gorgeous!

Dan Rice's Newest Holiday Displays!
This is Daniel's main tree, isn't it FULL of ornaments and so beautiful!
This is Daniel's second tree, looks just as magnificent as the first doesn't it!
Like many of us Daniel loves freeblown ornaments, look at all those Slavics! There are many one of a kinds on there, what a collection!
Close-up of some of the freeblown ornaments.
Daniel loves his space tree, especially his Victor ornaments!
Daniel uses the mantle to display his Slavic Treasures Night Before Christmas series.

Dan Pitot's Holiday Displays!
This tree 12 foot tree is FULL of ornaments!
Dan's beautiful arch is covered in glass ornaments and really frames the room....not the treetopper display on the table in back.
Dan does a tree in just 'balloon' ornaments...he has quite the collection doesn't he.
Dan calls this his tree!
Dan is a huge Victor fan and from this tree full of Victor 'space' ornaments, you can see why!

Karen Magill's Holiday Displays!
This tree is full of so many "character" ornaments....reflecting Karen's sense of humor and joy for collecting.
Karen's beautiful pine garland covered staircase is full of ball ornaments and glass garlands as well!
This alpine tree is decorated with Slavic Treasures freeblown ornaments.
We love Karen's wreath full of licensed/Disney Radko pieces and others equally as fun.
Looks it's Christmas! The fireplace mantle is decorated with very collectible glass pieces and presents are under the beautifully full tree!
A closeup of Karen's mantle!

Joo Nam Tan's House--From Singapore!
Joo Nam and his bride!
A beautiful display of everything Christmas!
Joo Nam is an avid Santa collector, mostly Old World Christmas Santas adorn this tree.
Joo Nam's stairway is decorated just as much as any tree!
Feather tree full of Shiny Brites and under the tree......Slavic's Night Before Christmas set #1.
The top of one of Joo Nam's beautiful glass ornament trees.
Another tree in Joo Nam's home.
These window swags are traditional decor.

Mendy's House
Mendy's Crystal Tree with garlands and bubble lights.
Hearts of every color and size on Mendy's tree devoted to just hearts!
Radko Finials displayed on a mantle in front of a Radko picture.
One of the Department 56 Christmas villages is displayed in Mendy's kitchen.
Whoa! How cool is this room.....lots of finials on the mantle, smaller trees full of Radko....all a Christmas ornament lover's paradise!
This garland, draped over a hall tree is full of just 'package' ornaments, from Radko, Breen and Slavic Treasures.
Another tree devoted to Radko ornaments with the D56 Dickens village underneath.
A beautiful display of swags, finials and trees full of what we all ornaments!
This mini upside down tree is decorated with Radko finial drop ornaments.
This is Mendy's "Traditional Tree," decorated with ornaments given to her by family and friends. All are dated when she receives them, dating back to the 1950's!!
Mendy has a large Patriotic collection that she displays above her kitchen counters.
More of Mendy's Patriotic collection.

Donald & Darrin
Donald and Darrin collect art glass and display it on this manzanita branch in one of their bathrooms.
Both Donald and Darrin are clip on and hanging bird fans.....hence their very extensive collection!
Donald collects Santas.......!
.........and Darrin collects Snowmen!
The guys are wine afficionados too, so they came up with a perfect way to honor their hobby.....decorating the chandelier with glass grape and wine bottle ornaments.

Daniel Rice's House
Daniel is a big fan of the freeblown bugs and frogs! This tree is devoted to just those type of ornaments.
Daniel's dining room, 7.5' tree is pretty full!
Daniel displays some frogs on Scott Smith's ornament display stand.
Daniel considers this his "main tree".....8 feet full of ornaments!
Daniel's Space tree is full of Victor and Slavic, to name a few.
All of the Slavic "Twisteds" are displayed on this tree, flanked by 2...yes 2!! "Goldstingers"......don't worry Daniel, I won't tell anyone where you live! That is one of the most sought after Slavic ornaments from the inaugural year.

Gary & Barbara's House
Gary and Barbara have been collecting glass ornaments during their entire 47 year marriage........this tree shows it!
This is the right view of their largest glass tree. A Barcana Menawa, ornament decorating tree.....great for all sizes of ornaments. Gary and Barbara made the scene houses under the tree.
A 4 foot tree displayed on top of an antique school desk, is full of antique ornaments and garlands.
Barbara loves to decorate the dining room chandelier with just fruit and vegetable glass ornaments.
About 8 years ago, they started a collection of antique santas, interspersed with Santas they have collected over the years.
This is the other side of the book case that is dominated by Santas at Christmas.
The antique shelf in the living room is decorated with just Denise Calla for House of Hatten ornaments.
The antique buffet in the kitchen is now decorated with antique Santas year well as wax figures on the tomato cage "tree", on the left.
In another corner of the kitchen, stands an 8 foot alpine tree completely decorated with just light covers from Old World Christmas and a few from Midwest.
Gary was in the Coast Guard and stationed in a lighthouse with Barbara...nice duty if you can get it! They now decorate his office in a light house theme, so of course the holiday tree is lighthouse themed as well!
Their collection of Old World night lights sits atop the glass china cabinet in the dining room.
A victorian tree adorns a corner of the master bedroom.

Ann Lafferty's Amazing Radko House
Welcome to Ann's Home! You will be hard pressed to find more Radko glass ornaments, finials or garlands in any other American home.
Ann's Living Room. At last count, Ann figures she has over 223 finials. The 2 archways over the can see one on the right, are covered in Radko ornaments
This is a closeup of the living room coffee table completely decorated with finials.
Rick and Jerry of Chatsworth Florist took this trunk in Ann's living room and filled it with finials placed over florist dowels, then draped it in garlands!
Is this a beautiful tree! Ann buys in multiples so her trees and displays are very balanced.
Ann has an envious collection of Russians.

Margaret Hicks' Upside-Down Tree
Margaret displays mostly freeblown Slavic Treasures bugs and frogs on this unique, upside-down tree. See below for close-up views of the ornaments displayed on this tree.
Here is a close-up of the bottom of the tree...note the Victor Alien Head garland and those very rare Slavic vases.! Hey! There's....CAT!!
Looking closely we see lots of ornaments from Slavic, Asian Treasures and Larry Fraga.
Margaret has quite a few treasures on this tree! Check out the Cane ornaments from Slavic and the Web Weaver! The Traditions' 2001 Event Santa cane is front & center in this picture too!
Lots of inaugural year Slavic freeblown pieces in this picture. We love how Margaret used colored lights on this tree to set off the brightly colored ornaments.
Isn't it great how almost all ornaments can be displayed together, even when they are made by different artists.
More freeblown closeups. Note the Slavic "Space ornaments" grouped together with Victor's Aliens and Sea Dragons.
Victor, Asian and Slavic go really well together. On the left of the tree, Margaret has the very rare Slavic Grecian Tabletop set!

Candy's House and Amazing Santa Collection-- 2001
Candy does 2 Patriotic trees, one feather tree full of glass ornaments.
.....the other full of vintage style ornaments.
Candy displays these Santa's in this cabinet all year. She has quite the collection and adds to it as often as she can!
This is a closeup of the top row of the Santa cabinet. Mostly these are Walnut Ridge Santas, but mixed in you will find "hard plastic" vintage Santas and circa 1950's to new Christmas pins.
This is a closeup of the second row of the Santa cabinet.
Candy, like a lot of us, does an Alpine Tree full of just Old World light covers. We are always on a quest for older light covers!
Never fear, Candy has more Santas, these are mostly vintage and so cool, that we took closeups of all the shelves for your drooling pleasure.
Row one filled with vintage Santas, lamps, old light bulbs and holiday pins.
More vintage hard plastic and celluloid Santas and holiday pins.
Are you wishing this was your collection yet?
Yes ......another Santa cabinet!! The cabinets alongside this desk are mostly filled with miniature Santas. But mixed in you will also find a collection of old and new (last 15 years) figures that "spoke to her" when she bought them.
This is the other side of the desk.....can you believe how many there are!?
The top part of the desk is decorated with vintage Santas.
This small wall shelf holds Candy's treasured limoges Santas.
Candy's Valentine tree is always a favorite. Surrounded by antique hankies and 1950's hard plastic Valentine collectibles, it's the perfect Valentine display.

Customer Displays
Marilyn Greenfield's wonderful Denise Calla Santa collection is perfectly displayed on her mantle.
Marilyn's Old World Christmas Santa night lights never looked so good grouped all together!
Jackie Byrne's living room showcases her bird and snowflake tree!
Jackie creates all the snowflakes herself and pairs them with Old World Christmas glass birds.
Mike Cindrich collects the Slavic Treasures beautiful wildlife animals. As you can see his tree is a tribute to these creatures that deserve our protection as well as our admiration!
A close-up view of Mike's wildlife tree.
Jenny's 14 foot tree is 100% decorated with PIG ORNAMENTS!!
Jenny celebrates Hannukah, but that does not stop her from collecting ornaments or displaying them in her home! Here is a closeup of her pig ornaments.
......And yes, on the front entry doors to her home.......there are 2 Pig Wreaths!!
Pat D's staircase in her beautiful home.
Pat D's tree is a labor of love full of ornaments she has collected on her travels from all over the world, including Slavic Treasures, Hallmark, handmade, Radko, Polonaise and Old World.
Jesus just loves his Halloween! Checkout all of those hanging bats, skull and scary pumpkins!
Shanna Judson has a huge collection of plush Pooh figures and a tree she devotes to Pooh ornaments, this is the left side of the tree.....
.....and this is the right side of Shanna's Pooh tree!
Shanna also decorates a wreath with her Pooh ornaments.
One of Debi's favorite trees....a feather tree full of antique ornaments and garlands, decorated with vintage paper houses on batting under the tree.
Closeup of the vintage paper houses and churches under Debi's antique ornament tree.
Shanna's Easter cleverly put a lime green feather tree in a rabbit bucket and decorated it with vintage chenille cute is that!
Jana Harrington from Boston MA, Mini  Kitchen Tree.

More Displays
Dan Rice's Frogs and Bugs tree, mostly by Slavic Treasure--1999.
Candy Zail's Easter display on a feather tree that is perfect for all of the holidays!
Candy's collects hearts from all of the glass ornament lines to decorate her feather tree--isn't that a great mini red glass bead garland!
Joo Nam Tan from Singapore goes all out for the Holidays! He calls this Santa's Workshop, with lots of toys and Winnie the Pooh collectibles.
Joo Nam's main tree is an 8' Scandinavian Pine decked with more than 600 glass ornaments, mostly from Old World Christmas.
An Alpine Tree decorated with Old World Christmas light covers is a focal point of this room during the Holidays!
Close up of the light cover tree.
Yet, another example of how this feather tree translates to all of the holidays. Patriotic ornaments look fabulous on this tree!
Scott Smith, an avid collector of Slavic Treasures bugs and frogs has designed a unique and attractive display case for these wonderful creatures........those are the Slavic animal heads at the bottom of the case.

Click on the picture to see a larger image!
Scott Smitt has also designed these ornament hangers for his bug and frog collection!
Click on the picture to see a larger image!
Scott again! Don't you just love all these great Halloween pieces!
Click on the picture to see a larger image!
More Scott Smith design work!
Click on the picture to see a larger image!
Gary and Barbara Thomas are collectors of lighthouse ornaments and do a tree in their home office. Gary served in the Coast Guard at Point Hueneme in California, and had Lighthouse duty!
Yet another one of their lighthouse trees!
A really charming display of the Old World Christmas Night Lights.
Dan Pitot's Victor tree is the envy of many Victor collectors!
Dan Pitot also has an enviable Halloween collection including many vintage pieces, ornaments and reproduction collectibles.
Debi's 4 foot Halloween tree in the parlor of her home.
Candy's 3 foot tabletop Halloween tree.
Margaret Hick's amazing Halloween tree!
This is a very elaborate Creepy Hollow display by one of our serious collector's!
Another view of the Creepy Hollow village.
Margaret Hicks' Front Door
She and her grandchildren cut these tree/package patterns out of poster board that glowed under black light.
Debi's Vintage Collection of antique beige/gold balls and Santas.
Fruit Tree.....displayed on a tomato cage turned upside down and welded together at the top.
Debi has been collecting Denise Calla's ornaments by House of Hatten for over 15 years.
Judy Taylor's Beaded Garland
Judy's Finial Candlelabra
Judy's nod to the Millennium Celebration!
Judy's Christmas Mantle
Judy's Radko Tree
Judy's Valentine Tree
Dan Pitot's Arch "Tree"
Dan's Halloween Tree
Dan's Living Room Trees and Displays
Dan's all Glass Tree
Janice Berkow's Halloween Tree & Home Display
She has fantastic taste and is a real Halloween folk art aficionado.
Donald & Darrin are wine lovers and so decorate their light fixture with many different grape ornaments!
Donald & Darrin's light covers on an alpine tree.
One of Donald & Darrin's glass ornament trees!
Debi's Halloween mantle with black garland and OWC Halloween glass light covers.
Debi's Halloween mantle.
Debi's 4' black Halloween glass tree and mantle.
Cathie's glass bird ornament Christmas tree.
Jason Walcott's display of one dimensional Halloween paper Halloween pieces.
Jason Walcott's display of Halloween buckets.
More of Jason Walcott's Halloween collectibles are on display in his home!
Shanna is determined to collect all of the Slavic Treasures bugs and frogs! Don't they look awesome all displayed together on this black wired tree!

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