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April 08

Exclusive Johanna Parker Christmas Figures!

Traditions Year Round Holiday Store is thrilled that we are able to bring these Christmas pieces back in conjunction with Bethany Lowe!

We listened! After we announced we were bringing back some retired Easter, Patriotic and Halloween figures, we immediately got requests for some of your favorite Christmas figures. We are so happy we can bring these back and help you all fulfill your collecting dreams!

March 11

It's a Johanna Parker Palooza!!!

Do you love Johanna Parker designs? You are in luck!

Traditions paired with Bethany Lowe to bring back some of your Johanna Parker favorites that had been retired. For those of you that have been begging for these to come back, 2021 is your year! Let the collecting begin!

March 18


Dee Foust Harvey's passion for handmade goods is expressed in her line of personally crafted designs and has been reproduced in perfect detail by many vendors throughout the years.

March 12

Pamela Plant of Stan & Stew St. Patrick's Day Decor and Ornaments

Meet the wonderful new artist Pamela Plant who brings exclusive designs to Traditions!

One of our favorite things at Traditions, well besides decorating for all of the finding new folk artists! Last year we were lucky to find Pamela Plant through social media and now we collaborate with her and her partner through JPD Designs, Johanna Parker to feature her products at Traditions. Our exclusive designs from Pamela are so popular, mostly because our customers and collectors love that they are handmade by an American artist, but also because they have a vintage, yet kitschy feel that works well with the kind of decorating we all like to do!

February 20

Who was Saint Patrick?

Let's find out fact from fiction regarding St. Patrick and why we celebrate him every March 17th.

​St. Patrick's Day has been a well known holiday in the United States for centuries, but there are still a lot of misconceptions about the saint and the holiday itself. Today, St. Patrick's Day conjures up images of green outfits and ever-flowing beer taps, but what you don't know is this holiday is steeped in old world legends and traditions honoring Ireland's tumultuous past. After you discover the rich history of St. Patrick's Day, you'll never look at the holiday the same way again!

January 07

The Mysterious Beginnings of Valentine's Day

Uncover the romantic theories behind the origin of Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is a day of love and kindness towards the people who are most special to oneself. Every February 14th, people all over the world exchange gifts as expressions of their love for another. But how did that tradition begin, and who is this Valentine guy? Let's take a look at what we think are the ancient origin's to the holiday of love, and uncover it's dark history.

July 19

Interview with Folk Artist Johanna Parker

Her Creative Process and What Inspires Her!

Johanna Parker creates some of our most popular items, but ever wonder how she started? Over the years we've come to know Johanna well, so we thought we could dive a little deeper to discover her creative process and what inspires her. From her television production past to her current business ventures, discover how Johanna Parker bravely followed her dreams to become one of our most favorite artists... and friends!

February 25

How Lori Mitchell makes those fun figures we all like to collect!

Ever wonder how Lori MItchell creates her famous holiday figures?

Lori Mitchell is a classic American folk artist that has been creating figures for every holiday for over 20 years. Inspired by nursery rhyme illustrations, children's fairy tales and nostalgia, it is Lori's intent to bring her collectors back to the magic of childhood! She designs small tabletop figures for every holiday, each one with a whimsy and smile that add to your holiday vignettes. Take a look at her creative process!

December 07

The Religious Roots of Christmas

Look back at the sacred history of the festive winter holiday.

With deep roots in Christianity, to many people Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Over the centuries it has grown to represent so much more to everyone around the world. Whether it's thanks to the ancient festival of Saturnalia or the classic story A Christmas Tale, Christmas has become the holiday it is today because of it's rich and often tumultuous history. Let's take a look back at the roots of our current traditions and how Christmas became the holiday of charity and good will towards all mankind.

November 21

Why We Give Thanks

Discover the tumultuous beginning that lead to today's Thanksgiving traditions.

Every fourth Thursday in November, we gather together with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday that let's us reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives. While we are familiar with the turkey, parades and the start of the Christmas shopping season, the original Thanksgiving feasts were rooted in religion and a struggle to survive harsh elements. Lets look at the history of how this wonderful holiday has evolved over the centuries and be thankful that it is still around to this day!

August 19

Samhain: The Origins of Halloween

Take a look at the ancient roots of Halloween and its traditions.

Halloween has become one of the biggest and most widely celebrated holidays in the U.S.A., but few know of the history and true origins of the autumnal festival. While it is known today as a holiday of candy, costumes and scares, it only vaguely resembles its ancient roots. Here we take a look back at the history of the spooktacular holiday, in honor of our ancestors who still may wander this world on Halloween night!...Continue Reading

June 29

History of the Fourth of July

Ever wondered why we celebrate the 4th of July?

The Fourth of July has always been a uniquely American holiday, and with good reason. July 4th, 1776 was the day that America declared it's independence from Great Britain. But what happened in the days leading up to July 4th? We thought it would be interesting to take a look at the history of this wonderful holiday....Continue Reading

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