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February 24

Lori Mitchell - Over two decades and still so creative!

We are featuring Lori Mitchell, a wonderful American folk artist who designs figures and ornaments for every holiday.

We really wanted to catch up with Lori Mitchell. It's hard to believe we met her so long ago and have carried her creative designs in our store over 2 decades. Lori is so generous to let us into her world and get a look into her studio and the creative process!

October 24

Let's Meet An Extraordinary Artist: Debbee Thibault!

Get to know Debbee Thibault, a fabulous folk artist from California whose paper mache figures are world renowned!

We first met Debbee Thibault over 25 years ago at one of the preeminent folk art events in Southern California, and what a fateful meeting it was. Debbee Thibault's first Santa was made in 1985.

August 07

The Long and Winding Road of Christopher James' Life

It's always fascinating to listen to someone's personal story, or in Christopher's case his life history! All the parts of Christopher James' life add up to a very interesting, creative and intricate story that at times is hard to believe, but the enthusiasm with which he tells it is infectious and put you on the edge of your seat. Get drawn in by the wonderful, inspiring tale that is Christopher James!

July 29


Dee Harvey is back and better than ever!

Dee Harvey's passion for handmade goods is expressed in her line of personally crafted designs, which have been reproduced in perfect detail by vendors like Bethany Lowe and currently ESC and Company. As an avid collector, she finds inspiration from vintage treasures. As an artist, she works to pass on the tradition and to capture the imagination of the past!

July 23


We just got back from the 2021 Atlanta July Gift Market. Another successful trip has been completed!

We are stocking up on decor, ornaments and artist creations for all of the 2022 spring holidays. Here's a sneak peak at some of the amazing items that you can soon find at Traditions!

June 14

It's Crystal Clear we love Vintage by Crystal!

We are featuring Vintage by Crystal, a wonderful line of figures and ornaments handmade in America.

We are thrilled to be carrying the American made Vintage by Crystal line at Traditions. These embellished spun cotton creations will be the collectibles of the future!

March 11

It's a Johanna Parker Palooza!!!

Do you love Johanna Parker designs? You are in luck!

Traditions paired with Bethany Lowe to bring back some of your Johanna Parker favorites that had been retired. For those of you that have been begging for these to come back, 2021 is your year! Let the collecting begin!

March 18


Dee Foust Harvey's passion for handmade goods is expressed in her line of personally crafted designs and has been reproduced in perfect detail by many vendors throughout the years.

March 12

Pamela Plant of Stan & Stew St. Patrick's Day Decor and Ornaments

Meet the wonderful new artist Pamela Plant who brings exclusive designs to Traditions!

One of our favorite things at Traditions, well besides decorating for all of the finding new folk artists! Last year we were lucky to find Pamela Plant through social media and now we collaborate with her and her partner through JPD Designs, Johanna Parker to feature her products at Traditions. Our exclusive designs from Pamela are so popular, mostly because our customers and collectors love that they are handmade by an American artist, but also because they have a vintage, yet kitschy feel that works well with the kind of decorating we all like to do!

July 19

Interview with Folk Artist Johanna Parker

Her Creative Process and What Inspires Her!

Johanna Parker creates some of our most popular items, but ever wonder how she started? Over the years we've come to know Johanna well, so we thought we could dive a little deeper to discover her creative process and what inspires her. From her television production past to her current business ventures, discover how Johanna Parker bravely followed her dreams to become one of our most favorite artists... and friends!

February 25

How Lori Mitchell makes those fun figures we all like to collect!

Ever wonder how Lori MItchell creates her famous holiday figures?

Lori Mitchell is a classic American folk artist that has been creating figures for every holiday for over 20 years. Inspired by nursery rhyme illustrations, children's fairy tales and nostalgia, it is Lori's intent to bring her collectors back to the magic of childhood! She designs small tabletop figures for every holiday, each one with a whimsy and smile that add to your holiday vignettes. Take a look at her creative process!