It's a Johanna Parker Palooza!!!

Do you love Johanna Parker designs? You are in luck!

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Exclusive 2021 Johanna Parker Figures for Traditions Year Round Holiday Store

Barely over the insanity of 2020, we started thinking how can we make 2021 the year that makes our holiday business even more fun than it normally is! After brainstorming for a few weeks, it occurred to us that there are a lot of you out there that are new to collecting specific artists or are just starting to create your own holiday collection. We poured over our older files and saw so many pieces that even we wished we owned, and that inspired us to start thinking out of the box. Wait! What if? How could we not?? Let's see if we can bring some of these awesome styles back! It was a no brainer to start with our good friend Johanna Parker, whose collection is always creative, festive and sells out so quickly! We excitedly put together a very fun selection of Johanna Parker's most beloved pieces from years past, including figures and containers that many of you have begged for over the years. Then we contacted Johanna and Bethany Lowe, told them our idea and we are happy to say they were in!

However, I wish it were as easy as that, but darn it, it wasn't! Some of these figures are quite a few years old, which means that sometimes the molds are misplaced, lost or damaged. Unfortunately a couple that we really wanted to bring back (sorry Frankie fans!) just aren't going to happen because there is no longer an original mold to be found. But never fear, we still have a wonderful selection of Johanna Parker's Easter, Patriotic, Halloween and Christmas decor for Bethany Lowe designs that is coming back in 2021!   

You can expect the Halloween pieces in early summer and the Easter and Patriotic toward the fall. The Christmas styles are a little more difficult, so their arrival date, unlike Santa who you can set your clock by, is still to be determined!  :)

Just click on our link to put yourself on our Waitlist for any or all of the items you want. As soon as they are in stock you will be emailed that they have arrived and then let the buying begin!


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