Pamela Plant of Stan & Stew St. Patrick's Day Decor and Ornaments

Meet the wonderful new artist Pamela Plant who brings exclusive designs to Traditions!

St. Patrick's Day, Folk Artists

Image taken by traditions_store of St. Patrick's White Cat Girl on Green Box - Traditions Exclusive
Pamela Plant's handmade St. Patrick's Day Decor featuring JPD designs.

One of our favorite things at Traditions (well, besides decorating for all of the holidays) is finding new folk artists! Last year we were lucky to find Pamela Plant through social media and now we collaborate with her and her partner through JPD Designs, Johanna Parker, to feature her products at Traditions. Our exclusive designs from Pamela are so popular, mostly because our customers and collectors love that they are handmade by an American artist, but also because they have a vintage, yet kitschy feel that works well with the kind of decorating we all like to do!

Using vintage style ephemera, like crepe paper, glitter, tinsel, vintage images from old postcards and spun cotton, Pamela creates figures with such appeal. Add in Johanna Parker's paper faces and you have an original that will be a highly sought after collectible of the future. The chenille ornaments with the cat faces are perfect to hang on a feather tree but they would also make a great addition to a St. Patrick's day gift package! Finding vintage style St. Patrick's day decorations is not that easy, so we were thrilled when Pamela offered us some of the styles that you see above. These charming kitties stand atop boxes and glittered balls, and faith and begorrah do they take the "wearing of the green" to a whole new level! What better way to decorate for this fun holiday than with folk art that you will cherish for generations to come!

And if that weren't enough, Pamela's precious kitties Stanley and Stewart, the inspiration for the Stan and Stew company name, make sure to inspect every package and give their stamp of approval before it leaves to make the journey to Traditions!

Pamela Plant's St. Patrick's Day Kitties!
Stanley and Stewart inspecting a package before it leaves for Traditions!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from everyone at Traditions!

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