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Father's Day Gifts!
Maybe it is time to think out of the box and not give dear old dad the same old tie!

My brother's and I used to love Father's Day... it was so much fun to pick out something from the Sear's Catalog. He loved tools so much, we used to tease him that he had so many repeats of the the same tools that he could open his own store. And if we couldn't find a tool he 'had to have' then we cut yet another picture out of the catalog of the same work boots that we had been giving him since the first time we knew how to look at a catalog! We lost count on how many pairs of work boots we 'gave' him via a 'picture' but never actually received!

I am sure you have your own stories about gifts you gave your dad on Father's Day, but maybe this year it is time to think out of the box and not give dear old dad the same old tie, book or tool. Check out the ornaments above, don't you think it would be just as fun to pick out an assortment of ornaments that reflect your dad's hobbies, interests, food or favorite sports! There are so many to choose from, the options are endless.  This also could continue to be the gift that keeps on giving, you could add more ornaments for his birthday and Christmas.  Take it a step further and give him a little tabletop tree on which to display them.  He will be thrilled that you took the time to think about all the things he likes and take notice of his special interests!

Happy Father's Day to all you dad's!  

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