How Lori Mitchell makes those fun figures we all like to collect!

Ever wonder how Lori MItchell creates her famous holiday figures?

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Lori Mitchell Holiday Figures

Lori Mitchell is a classic American folk artist that has been creating figures for every holiday for over 20 years.  Inspired by nursery rhyme illustrations, children's fairy tales and nostalgia, it is Lori's intent to bring her collectors back to the magic of childhood! She designs small tabletop figures for every holiday, each one with a whimsy and smile that add to your holiday vignettes.

Lori Mitchell creating her folk art figures
The 3 steps Lori Mitchell takes to create her figures.

In the pictures above, you can see the 3 steps of Lori creating an original design.  Her figures come to fruition with a spark of an idea, dowels, wire, paper mache and sculpting clay. As she progresses in the process of creating each figure, they transform and take shape and then in painting the personality comes alive.  Her favorite pieces to create have a Halloween theme, but often in the creation she will start to design a figure and it suddenly transforms into something completely different.  Lori has recently branched out from holiday, nursery rhyme, seashore and circus sculptures and started creating figures for beloved stories like the Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and the Christmas Nativity collection.

If you are a collector of Lori Mitchell figures, you know the secret of each of her pieces.  If you have just discovered Lori Mitchell folk art, look closely, she loves to mismatch the socks and shoes on each piece, adding to the whimsical nature of her designs.

Whether you start with a couple of the Halloween trick or treat children dressed in costumes inspired by those worn by her own children or buy a piece or two to display for each holiday, once you start you will be hooked!  The good news is Lori has a never ending stream of ideas and creates new figures each year for all of the holidays.

Lori Mitchell Halloween Figures
Halloween trick or treat figures by Lori Mitchell

Lori Mitchell Easter figures
Bunnies & Chicks by Lori Mitchell for Spring and Easter

Lori Mitchell Patriotic figures
Uncle Sam, Miss Liberty & Betsy Ross by Lori Mitchell

Lori Mitchell Wizard of Oz collection
From Dorothy to Glinda we love this Wizard of Oz Collection by Lori Mitchell

Lori Mitchell St. Patrick's Day figures
St. Patrick, Leprechauns and Irish Lassies all designed by Lori Mitchell

Lori Mitchell Americana, Seashore and Patriotic figures
Beach theme and Patriotic figures by Lori Mitchell

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