The Excitement is Building – Halloween is Coming!

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What a difference a year makes!  Last year at this time, it was kinda weird to be decorating our store, knowing there was a good chance that no one but us would see it.  Covid-19 lockdown changed a lot of things, but for so many of us the holidays were most affected, since we couldn't decorate, have parties or share with family and friends.  But in 2021 life is much better, the lockdown is over (we hope!) and customers are so excited to able to visit our store in person, yet again! So we are decorating with renewed vigor.  Despite the shipping debacle at our ports, there are so many new Halloween decorations beginning to come in daily. It's so exciting!  Despite that, this might still be a strange year, we will all have to be a little patient! Some of the products will be arriving about a month later than normal, but never fear, we will have LOTS of new Halloween goodies for you to add to your collection.  You can tell just how excited everyone is to decorate this year, by the amount of customers that are already flocking to our store.  Most of our customers like to see and touch the Halloween decor in person, last year drove everyone a little crazy!  So, in 2021 not only is there excitement to get out of the house and see everything in person, but a lot of our customers tell us they are going to have a spooktacular Halloween bash, one that will put the doldrums of 2020 behind them!  Let the Halloween decorating and collecting begin!

We want to remind you to be patient, but here is a little schedule of what we know

1. Halloween and Christmas product will arrive later than usual.  But never fear, we have received a lot already!

2. You don't have to worry, because we are a year-round holiday store and we place our orders much earlier than other stores we WILL GET YOUR FAVORITES!

3. We update our site the minute the items come in to our warehouse, so get yourself on our waitlist for the items you want to purchase and check our What's New page daily!

4.  As we said, we are a YEAR-ROUND holiday store, so we accept products from everyone 365 days a year, Traditions will have what you are looking for!

Happy Halloween.......and Happy Holidays!
From all of us at Traditions

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