Using his passion for Antique toys, dolls, dollhouses and antique storybook illustrations, Allen Cunningham began creating small dolls and vignettes inspired by the designs he visualizes in his head. He rarely sketches the doll or vignette first, preferring instead to let the creative process take shape and then finalize the design with additional embellishments. One of the things we love most about Allen's creations is the fine sculpting detail in his faces, and their charming expressions! Allen creates and sews all of the clothing worn by each figure as well!

Allen personally sells his original designs at events around the country, but they also inspire his reproductions that are manufactured by Bethany Lowe Designs. Each of these whimsical small vignettes is meticulously reproduced by hand from Allen's originals, using up to seven different mediums in their construction, which makes them extremely detailed and difficult to recreate!