Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13th!

We all have mothers, so honoring our mother is an important part of our life, especially on her special holiday. The celebration of Mother's Day started in America around 1908 after a campaign by Anna Jarvis was started in recognition of her own mother's death. The second Sunday in May is designated Mother's Day in honor of all mothers, maternal bonds and the influence of Moms in society. In general, it's typical for the child or children of the mother to do something nice for their mom as a symbol of the undying love they have for her. During a child's younger years, a Mother's Day gift could be as little as a homemade card. As children get older however, they show their mother affection on Mother's Day in more elaborate ways, including taking their mom out for a special day or meal, or giving her a very thoughtful gift that she would no doubt appreciate! Our large selection of fun and pretty Mother's Day gifts will surely make mom smile and be thankful for the wonderful children or grandchildren in her life!