Killer's Castle

Killer's Castle
Department 56

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  • Size: 3.5x3.25x5.25"
  • Material: Resin & Adaptor
  • Year: 2012
Looking for a Halloween D56 village accessory to commemorate your dog? Killer's Castle is it! This stand alone ceramic piece hand-crafted, hand-painted house resembles a Victorian syle crypt dog house, a true tribute to your favorite pet. It has four sides with sculpted iron corners. The walls appear boarded up except for the entrance. It has a precarious cob web and a weathered board across the opening. It has a real chain where killer use to be chained up. There is a favorite bone near the chain. There are bones of some creature lying next to the side wall. An eerie glow of light comes from within. DC adapter included. Uses “C” batteries not included.