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Sour Puss
Sour Puss
Sour Puss
Sour Puss
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Sour Puss
by Lori Mitchell

Item #: ESC11097

$37.99 IN STOCK


Product Details

  • Size: 6.75x3x2.5"
  • Material: Resin & Wire
  • Year Introduced: 2021
  • A Lori Mitchell design for ESC & Company
Ugh, can you believe this? I'm stuck here, all dressed up as Sour Puss the kitty. What a joke! I mean, who wants to be a sourpuss on Halloween? I wanted to be something cool or scary, but noooo, I got stuck with this striped kitty costume.

And let's talk about this candy bucket. It's filled with sweets, but guess what? I pulled out a sour candy. How fitting. Just like my mood. I can't even enjoy the treats properly without being reminded of how sour this whole Halloween experience is turning out to be.

Look at this costume, all blue, green, and black stripes. And there's a tail! Yeah, because what I always wanted was a tail on Halloween. Oh, and don't forget the matching trim. Wow, how fashionable. Just what every kid dreams of.

But hey, at least I'll fit right in with all those other trick or treat children figures. I'll blend in perfectly with their happy faces and cute costumes. I'll be the one with the sour expression, the grumpy little sourpuss in the crowd. So add me to the Lori Mitchell trick or treat figures collection, I will be the one standing there as Sour Puss!

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to make the best of it. Maybe I'll scare someone with my scared face. That would be a nice change. But mark my words, next Halloween, I'm picking out my own costume. No more sour puss for me. I'm done with this sour taste in my mouth.

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