Valentino Bunny

Valentino Bunny
Heather Myers

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Item #: ESC55124

Product Details

  • Size: 9x7"
  • Material: Resin & Glitter
  • Year: 2018
  • A Heather Myers Design for ESC Trading Company
Not only does Valentino Bunny have an expressive face, he holds a gold heart staff with pennants that read, "BE MINE", "I LOVE YOU", and "XOXO" to express the huge amounts of love he has for Valentine's Day! He has donned his red glittered top hat with printed text ribbon and a red fabric neck ruff with a gold ribbon that compliments his gold buttons, in hopes of impressing his Valentine's Day sweetheart. His banner adorned staff is also gold with a heart on top, matching the gold heart he carries as a gift for his beloved Lovelia Hare. Display him on a tabletop or mantel all Spring long and through Easter too!