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Animated Werewolf
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  • ITEM #: FGS74425
    Animated Werewolf

  • $89.99 IN STOCK

    Size: 19x15x15"

    Material: Plastic, Fabric & Electric Components

    Year: 2019


Product Description

  • Comes with 3 AA Batteries
  • Two-Position ON/OFF Switch - Motion Activated
  • Scary Noises Emanate
Lycanthropy, or the ability to transform into a wolf, has it's etymological roots meaning "wolf" and "man". So, it's no wonder werewolves are people that hide in plain sight, only transforming on nights when the moon is full. Dressed like he is straight out of Teen Wolf in a plaid shirt and grey sweater, this animated werewolf may be small but his bark is definitely bigger than his bite! When activated, he loudly howls as his head shakes back and forth while his arms gesticulate wildly. Luckily you don't have to wait till the next full moon for this spooky werewolf to scare your Halloween party guests. Set him up right near a doorway to get some good jump scares from your unsuspecting victims!

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