Midwestern Matricide Haunted Memories Changing Photo

Midwestern Matricide Haunted Memories Changing Photo

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  • Size: 8X10"
  • Year: 2013
  • American made!
  • No batteries, wiring or special lighting required!
  • *Frame not included
  • For best results keep your photo out of sunlight, moisture and extreme heat!
  • Clean with soft, dry cloth in vertical motion only

I think some of us can sympathize with this Midwestern Matricide photo! A seemingly normal young husband and wife posing with the mother-in-law suddenly becomes a horrific version of family strife when this Haunted Memories changing photo morphs! Off with her head! The husband is holding the mother-in-law's head and the wife is holding the ax. Frame this series of photos for a gallery of spooky 'relatives' in your Halloween display! These Halloween photos are Made in America!