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Brunhilda Witch Doll - Life Size
Purchase Brunhilda Witch Doll - Life Size
  • ITEM #: KC928491
    Brunhilda Witch Doll - Life Size
    by Katherine's Collection

  • $1599.99 Low Quantity Available

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    Size: 76x30x20"

    Material: Brocade, Resin, Metal Base, Feathers, Charms, Buttons, Faux Hair, Naturals, Glitter & Faux Jewels

    Year: 2019

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Product Description

  • Part of the Katherine's Collection Brunhilda Menagerie Collection
  • Two-piece Life-size figure--Handcrafted, Hand Painted Resin Face
  • Posable arms--Can be displayed seated too!
  • Rich, jewel accented lace & brocade fabrics - Amazing Detail
  • Dress has front pockets, perfect for displaying personal items or accessories
  • Comes fully assembled - just slide Brunhilda into her metal base and place her broom
  • Broom is removable and can be displayed separately
  • *This item is not eligible for coupons or discounts.
Brunhilda is part of an ancient clan of witches from the Viking days when the famous Viking warrior Ragnor Lodbrok ruled the historical province of Normandy in France. For centuries she has practiced a form of witchcraft lost on most current witches. It is important to Brunhilda to carry on the traditions of her long lost clan, even adopting the name of Brunhilda, the name of her grandmother who ruled long ago over what she called her menagerie. She adorns herself in ancient garb of flowing purple and black garments embellished with the symbols of her craft. The pockets on her gown are formed from an evil eye symbol and she has jewels and charms with pagan symbols and a crescent moon at her chest. These symbolize her power and skill at sorcery and spell casting. Brunhilda has a stoic countenance, left over from her keen heritage with the Vikings. Strong and capable, she carries her broomstick with her and rather than bothering with crows, Brunhilda has a pet rat that lives his days mostly wrapped around her broomstick. The beautiful gown she wears brings back so many memories of nights spent surrounded by her grandmother's coven. She rarely let's herself go there, reminiscing doesn't get you anywhere... but the pull is strong for the old ways, not this new-fangled witchcraft that so many practice nowadays. She continually reminds herself she is keeping the ancient ways alive for love and tradition, and hopefully one day it will go back to the more simpler times. Brunhilda is the protector of the Menagerie now, and with her as its centerpiece, its full glory will be revived to bring the same charm to your Halloween soiree.

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