Patriotic BB Games Set/3

Patriotic BB Games Set/3
Bethany Lowe

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  • Size: 6x4"
  • Material: Tin Box, Paper & Glass
  • Year: 2018
A Bethany Lowe design. BB target games from Bethany Lowe are just as fun as they look. We leave these at our checkout counter in our store and it is a rare person that can't resist picking them up and trying their luck at getting all those pesky little silver balls in the holes on the vintage image. The vintage patriotic postcard images make them perfect to hang as decor or ornaments on a feather tree for a patriotic holiday. Or you could just pass them out to friends at your 4th of July party and have a contest to see how fast you can get all the BB's to settle into the holes of the game. Just be prepared for the frustration and hilarity that will ensue!