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Beaded Flamingo Ornament
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Beaded Flamingo Ornament

Item #: ORN73457

$17.99 IN STOCK


Product Details

  • Size: 5.5x4x2"
  • Material: Glass, Beads, Glitter & Metal
Have you ever wondered why flamingos stand on one leg while wading in water? There are a couple of theories, none seem to be the definitive answer, but they are fun to ponder! Some think that a flamingo stands on one leg to let their other foot dry, the theory being that they prune if standing in the water too long, just like a human! Their other theory is more scientific, with some experts believing that the one-leg balancing act might be because the flamingo turns off one side of their brain while sleeping. The leg controlled by the side of the brain that remains awake stays on the ground. It's always fun to learn facts about nature! This pink flamingo ornament would be so fun to hang on your Christmas tree or a sea themed tree during the summer.

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