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Pro Rear Projection Screen
Pro Rear Projection Screen
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Pro Rear Projection Screen
by Jon Hyers

Item #: PROFX3

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Product Details

  • Size: 23x47"
  • Year Introduced: 2021
Pro Screen is a top quality rear projection screen which transmits 80% of the light onto the viewing side, much more so than economy rear screen materials. The image is also crystal clear, grain free and is the same quality of a Projected Movie on high-grade Movie Screens. The realism of this image gives you life-like realism of whatever image or video you project.

The Screens come in a Metal Frame measuring 23 x 47 inches, which is one of the most common window sizes of houses.
  • Any Window 23 x 47 or smaller can be used with a single screen: Set on a window ledge, a table, or either taped or screwed to the wall with a couple of screws. If the Window is shorter, for example 23 x 36 inches, that presents no problem as the extra screen can go above or below the window.
  • For Windows slightly larger than 23 x 47, you can make a simple "window sash frame", using 1 x 2's or 1 x 3's around the edges of the rear screen's frame, and attach the screen to your custom sized rear screen frame. You can then mount this frame to the wall or window molding using the same kind of L-Brackets used to hold window blinds in place, letting you install your screen quickly for each Holiday season. Alternatively, if your window happened to be 30 inches wide x 47 tall, you can simply close cloth curtains up to the sides of the screen. 
  • Double, Triple, Quad, etc Windows made up of multiple sashes can be covered with 2 or more screens, one per window.
  • The Screen Plastic is precision cut and can be slid together for larger bay windows, after being removed from the metal frame. The demo video shows the virtually invisible seam between panels.
  • You may also use this material as Stock Rear Screen, cutting to fit inside your own home-made Victorian Style window sash [also called Window Grille Inserts or Window Mullion Inserts]. If you are familiar with cutting plexiglass, you can measure and cut the plastic screen to fit your own Old Fashioned Style Sash Frames. These frames are commonly available in hundreds of sizes in Lumber/Hardware Stores, in order to give modern windows the multi-pane Victorian window appearance. You can also construct your own design of Window Grille Insert using 1 x 2's etc.

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