Beveled Topaz Oval Bracelet

Beveled Topaz Oval Bracelet
Rebel Jewelry

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Product Details

  • Size: 1/4" thick strap
  • Material: Smooth cognac leather w/ topaz crystal. Metal is antiqued with brass finish
  • Year: 2015
This beautiful concave bracelet was crafted with light accented leather. It's face was hand crafted and tooled with the finest materials around, we just love its light topaz! There is a ton of detail considering the size of the bracelet. Be sure to check out our model shots to get a feel for how our jewelry looks outdoors in sunlight!

Crafted by Rebel Designs. Each piece is hand crafted and tooled in New York, with the finest leather and semi-precious stones you can find! Rebel's Jewelry is designed by founder Gina Riley, her pieces exude a distinctively hip and chic vibe that allows for women and men of all ages to step into any Rebel zone and become immersed in the serene and au courant atmosphere, while indulging in the extravagant variety of Swarovski crystal and semi-precious stones.