Peyton Rabbit

Peyton Rabbit
Rags A Muffin Junction

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  • Size: 19x7x5"
  • Material: Tea Stained Hand Made Fabric Outfit of Batting with a Stuffed Body on Wood Base
  • Year: 2018
A Rags A. Muffin Junction design. Hand made in America!  Peyton Rabbit has dressed in his dapper best today because he hopes to run into the cousins Stella and Johnnie who have caught his eye!  Peyton's coat has patched pockets and he is wearing a collar around his neck.  The tea staining around his eyes, droopy whiskers and stitched smile give him almost as much personality as those those ears that stick straight up!  There are other folk art style details, muslin wraps around the ear, wrist and ankle as well as the two toned bunny complete the look.  Stand Peyton with Stella and Johnnie for a really cute vignette!