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Patriotic Bunting
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Patriotic Bunting

Item #: SS1206950

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Product Details

  • Size: 48x25"
  • Material: 3 Metal Rings, Tea-Dyed Polyester
  • Year Introduced: 2015
This fan shaped bunting is made of tea stained polyester to get that vintage look that is desired by so many. It has red and off-white stripes, and a blue stripe in the middle that has off-white stars cascading down it. Hang it on a fence or under the awning on your porch for a great patriotic display.

Now, my friends, allow me to regale you with a tale of a fan-shaped bunting that is sure to stir up a sense of nostalgia and patriotism within your souls. Picture this, if you will—a piece of polyester, carefully treated with tea stains to achieve that coveted vintage look that so many desire. This bunting, my dear friends, boasts a splendid combination of red and off-white stripes, reminiscent of the glory and pride of our great nation. But that's not all! At its very core, right in the middle, lies a bold blue stripe, adorned with cascading off-white stars that twinkle like the very heavens above.

Oh, the possibilities that this bunting presents! Picture it fluttering in the breeze, proudly displayed upon a white picket fence, or gracefully draping under the protective awning of your porch. It is the perfect touch, my friends, to create a patriotic display that will fill your heart with admiration for the land we hold so dear.

With each star and stripe meticulously placed, this bunting embodies the spirit of unity and reverence that our forefathers fought for. It is a symbol of our shared history and the values we hold dear. So, my friends, let this bunting be a testament to our proud heritage and a reminder of the sacrifices made to ensure our freedom.

The tea-stained polyester fabric lends an air of authenticity, giving the bunting that aged and weathered look that speaks volumes of its timeless appeal. Whether it graces your home during a festive celebration or proudly adorns your porch year-round, this bunting is a statement piece, capturing the essence of our nation's pride.

So, my friends, let us honor our great land with this exquisite fan-shaped bunting. Let it serve as a reminder of the values we hold dear and a symbol of the unity that binds us together. Hang it high, my friends, and let it wave proudly, for it is a testament to the enduring spirit of our great nation.

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