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Hocus Pocus Witch
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  • ITEM #: TD6023
    Hocus Pocus Witch
    by Bethany Lowe

  • $209.99 Low Quantity Available

    Size: 20x8x11"

    Material: Resin, Fiberglass, Feather, Wire, Fabric, Moss & Wood

    Year: 2017

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Product Description

  • Bethany Lowe's Heirloom Figure
  • Into the Woods Collection
One never knows when the Hocus Pocus Witch will need her trusty frog for a magic spell or potion. Centuries ago she lost her lower limbs and hands in a freak accident... guess you can't trust all you read in the Spell Books! Eventually, she had a cage built to fit her lower body so she could roll anywhere she wants, and her fingers have been replaced with five long, tentacle like claws. Her trusty toad and most cherished potion book travel with her everywhere she goes. Safely protected inside the cage until she needs them next, they are just waiting to be called into action. Today she is on her way to the "Into the Woods" gathering. That spell book might come in handy sooner than she expected, as those gatherings can get quite... treacherous!

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