Seed Packet Brown Rabbit

Seed Packet Brown Rabbit
Bethany Lowe

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Item #: TD7608

Product Details

  • Size: 10x5.5x4"
  • Material: Resin, Pressed Paper, Crepe & Glitter
  • Year: 2018
A Bethany Lowe design.  A very clever design using a vintage carrot seed packet as the body of the rabbit, with his arms, legs, head and even his little tail sticking out the back of the box!  The pressed paper seed packet box and the rabbit's flat feet make it a great standing piece and a perfect addition to any collection.  The seed packet is from the "Cottontail Seed Company" and the seeds only 15 cents are guaranteed to grow since 1897!  The brown bunny also wears a lime green crepe collar.