Egg Dye Box Bunny

Egg Dye Box Bunny
Bethany Lowe

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Item #: TD7609

Product Details

  • Size: 10x5.5x4"
  • Material: Resin, Pressed Paper, Crepe & Glitter
  • Year: 2018
A Bethany Lowe design. Bringing back memories of decorating Easter eggs when you were younger, this "Bunnykins" rabbit has decided to surprise you by popping out of a vintage egg decorating supply box! The adorable vintage image on the front of his box has a classic scene of glittered pastel colored eggs spilling out of the Easter bunny's basket while a little chick looks on. Even though this bunny got his arms, legs and head though, and even his pink crepe neck ruff, he may want to try eating some eggs rather than decorate them, because he's looking a little thin! This box bunny makes a fantastic anchor piece for an Easter egg tabletop display, or add it to your ever-growing figure collection.