Chicks in a Hot Air Balloon

Chicks in a Hot Air Balloon
Bethany Lowe

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Item #: TJ5297

Product Details

  • Size: 13x7"
  • Material: Paper Mâché, Resin, Ribbon & Glitter
  • Year: 2016
  • From the Bethany Lowe 30th Anniversary Heirloom collection.
If you are looking for a hanging Easter piece, this is the one to get! The two little chicks sit in the pink grass filled basket of the white hot air balloon, which is adorned with gold filigree accents. The balloon and basket together look like a just hatched egg, and along with the vintage style, they make this a true heirloom piece to be passed on for generations. FROM BETHANY LOWE'S 30 ANNIVERSARY HEIRLOOM COLLECTION.