Bunny in Pink Flower Dress

Bunny in Pink Flower Dress

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Item #: VF18002

Product Details

  • Size: 10x5x4"
  • Material: Hand Painted Chaulkware
  • Year: 2018
  • Handcrafted in America
When we think of Vaillancourt, this bunny epitomizes the type of charming figure expected from pouring the chaulkware into a vintage chocolate mold. It is then painted with care by Vaillancourt artists. This larger brown bunny wearing a dress is covered in hearts and flowers, and she carries a basket of buns that she is taking to the Easter party. Her little cotton tail sticks out the back of her pink dress, it's all in the details! Because this figure is larger, it would make a terrific addition to your Easter display of other Vaillancourt bunny figures.