Alligator Head Resin Ornament

Alligator Head Resin Ornament
Glenn Lewis of Slavic Treasures

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Item #: WLD-030

Product Details

  • Size: 3"
  • Material: Resin
  • Year: 2012
A resin Alligator head ornament by Slavic Treasures. The alligator is a large reptilian species found in America and China, often called a "gator!" The average size for an adult female American alligator is 8.2 feet (2.6 m), and the average size for a male is 11.2 feet (3.4 m). The American alligator is a rare success story of an endangered animal not only saved from extinction but now thriving. Alligators have a slightly wider snout and more prominent eyes, as seen in this wonderfully lifelike resin alligator head ornament. The bumpy textured, nearly wet looking green skin and its glossy eyes are the details that really make you think it could be a real baby alligator head.