Wanted Monster Signs Set/3

Wanted Monster Signs Set/3

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  • Size: 12x10"
  • Material: Tin
  • Year: 2012
This is a special News Bulletin: Three monsters are on the loose, so be sure to hang these Wanted signs in your home to help spread the word. Vlad the Impaler, a.k.a. Dracula is wanted for numerous crimes, not the least of which is neck biting and looking just plain scary. Be on the lookout for the public menace known as Frankenstein's Monster, and watch for his characteristic green skin and bolts in his neck. Last but certainly not least, avoid at all costs the man that looks like a wolf, as he has a tendency of tearing up shoes and slippers. If your Wanted signs start to become too aged looking, be sure reorder and hang them up to keep the public vigilant! Together we can catch these hoodlums!